How Historical Research Can Aid Archaeology
Nigel Amschwand
Tue, 11/07/2017 - 18:30
SA Astronomical Observatory auditorium
Western Cape

Nigel Amschwand has always had a keen interest in history and archaeology and was involved in a Vernacular Architecture Society project on recording many interesting farm complexes in the Onder-Bokkeveld. This resulted in 2009 in his book Short history of the Onder-Bokkeveld on the social history of the area focusing on the families that lived on three of the farms.

Nigel’s current research, culminating in his recently published book 1847 Dispossession and Migration, is on the effect of the moving of the Cape’s border up to the Orange River on the occupants of the area, many of whom had moved out of the Cape due to marginalization.

His talk will show that, by using historical records, it is possible to date building structures and their builders. Nigel will give two examples from his book and some results of research on how the material culture of Basters matched that of the colonial Trekboers.

Nigel’s new book will be on sale:  Price: R150 (Cash) of which Nigel will generously donate R30 to the W.Cape Branch.