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24 Dec 2016
Humans living in South Africa in the Middle Stone Age used advanced heating techniques to vastly improve their living conditions during the era.
07 Sep 2016
Members who attended the Western Cape Branch One-day lecture series on Climate Change on 28 August 2016 were interested in reading further on some of the issues, particularly the Milankovitch Cycles that summarise the periodic changes in the position of the Earth in relation to the Sun which affect the build-up or melting of polar ice caps.
07 Sep 2016
The theory of Female Cosmetic Coalitions (FCC) is a new and controversial attempt to explain the evolutionary emergence of art, ritual and symbolic culture in Homo sapiens.
07 Sep 2016
Findings in South Africa show that innovation among early humans was not primarily driven by climate change. Up until now climate change has frequently been considered a primary driver of innovation in the Stone Age in South Africa.
06 Jul 2016
This study suggests that Homo naledi lived more recently than first thought  but the dating method is unusual.
20 May 2016
Why did humans leave Africa in the first place? Their migration could have been sparked by competition, climate change or simply a great hallmark of human nature, curiosity. Over the past 2 million years humans have proven to be a remarkably successful species.
06 May 2016
During a routine check on 2 January 2016, Professor Chris Henshilwood and Dr Karen Van Niekerk discovered that a vandal or vandals had broken through the protective panels at the entrance to Blombos Cave and had then climbed into the cave through the opening.
06 May 2016
By: Janette Deacon, 04 January 2016

06 May 2016
September is Heritage Month, but the government’s decision to allow mining to go ahead bodes ill for cultural and natural heritage in the Mapungubwe Area.
06 May 2016
Skeletons of a woman and a possibly related child have revealed a wealth of new information on the species Australopithecus sediba.