Redan Rock Engravings and the Vall Teknorama Museum, Vereeniging
Outing with recommended guide
Sun, 22/04/2018 - 08:30
Details regarding the charge, venue and time will be announced closer to the date. 
The Redan rock engravings represent the only major site of its kind in the Gauteng Province. Over 270 images have been engraved into the sandstone at the site. While some images are clearly animals, most are abstract geometrics. Each image is unique. The engravings have not been analysed previously and are not dated. However, comparable engravings around Kimberley have been found to date to between 150 and 8400 years ago. Placing the Redan engravings into a historic-cultural context required reviewing all that is known about the people of the area in both historic and prehistoric times. This was complicated by the lack of past research on the area, and resources for the study. During the period in question many indigenous groups lived in the southern Highveld periodically. During the Difaqane, missionaries made their first forays across the Vaal River, starting in 1823. They recorded encounters with a variety of ethnic and cultural groupings. Prominent among these groups were the Korana, a Khoekhoe group. A guide from the Vaal Teknorama museum will take us to see the site.

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