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The South African Archaeological Bulletin
(Note: Many numbers are out of print)
Nos. 1 - 1421945 - 1985R18.00
Nos. 143 - 1621986 - 1995R21.00
Nos. 163 - 1721996 - 2000R24.00
Nos. 173 - 1722001 - 06/2005R33.00
Nos. 173 - 18112/2005 - presentR95.00
Nos. 181 - present  
Goodwin Series
Vol. 1 The Interpretation of Archaeological Evidence (RR Inskeep, ed.)1972Out of print
Vol. 2 Progress in Later Cenozoic Studies in South Africa (HJ Deacon, ed.)1974R18.00
Vol. 3 Iron Age Studies in Southern Africa (NJ van der Merwe and TN Huffman, eds.)1979Out of print
Vol. 4 New Approaches to Southern African Rock Art (JD Lewis Williams, ed.)1983Out of print
Vol. 5 Prehistoric Pastoralism in Southern Africa (M Hall and A B.Smith, eds)1986Out of print
Vol. 6 Goodwin’s Legacy (J Deacon, ed.)1989R30.00
Vol. 7 Historical Archaeology in the Western Cape (M Hall and A Markell, eds.)1993R30.00
Vol. 8 African Naissance: the Limpopo Valley 1000 Years Ago (M Leslie and T Maggs, eds)2000Out of print
Vol. 9 Further Approaches to South African Rock Art (G Blundell, ed.)2005R100 (members R75)
Vol. 10 Current Themes in Middle Stone Age Research (M Lombard, C Sievers & V Ward, eds)
2008R150 (members R100)
Vol. 11 Skeletal Identity of Past Southern African Populations: Lessons from Outside South Africa (Maryna Steyn, Alan G. Morris, George J.R. Maat and Morongwa N. Mosothwane, eds)2013R150 (members R100)
Monograph Series
No. 1 Where Hunters Gathered (HJ Deacon)1976Out of print
No. 2 Ghaap & Gariep: Later Stone Age Studies in the Northern Cape (AJB Humphreys and AI Thackeray)1983R15.00
The South African Archaeological Society Newsletter (produced until 1983)
Vols 1 - 6 (2 issues per year)1978 - 1983R6.00
The Digging Stick (replaced the Newsletter)
Vols 1 - 16 (2 issues per year)1984 - 1999R6.00
Vols 17 - present (3 issues per year)2000 - presentR35.00
(Photocopies supplied for out of print numbers)
St Paul’s Churchyard Booklet and CD R120.00